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The Gauntlet Policies

For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, the following track policies are enforced during all events at The Gauntlet.

  1. Alcohol – Alcohol and controlled substances are prohibited.
  2. Bicycles – Bicycles, roller blades, skates, skateboards, heelies, scooters and similar devices are prohibited.
  3. Campfires – Campfires and ground fires are prohibited.
  4. Children – Children under 18 must be closely supervised at all times.
  5. Convertibles – Convertibles equipped with rollover protection from the manufacturer are authorized. Convertibles without manufacturer equipped rollover protection must have adequate aftermarket rollover protection.
  6. Cook Outs – Cook Outs are only allowed with the prior approval of the staff.
  7. Course Direction – All moving vehicles MUST move in the same direction on course at all times. Moving in a counter race direction is only allowed when express permission is granted by the course operator (race director or event operating steward).
  8. Damage and Clean Up – Damage to the track and/or cleanup costs from fuel, oil, coolant or similar spills will be charged to facility renter or the driver/rider.
  9. Disposal of Waste Fluid and Environmental Debris – Use of the waste drums is mandatory for used oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and other polluting material. Spillage will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the facility. Participants must remove all used tires, batteries, and unwanted parts. Environmental debris left behind will result in fines to the driver, rider or facility renter.
  10. Driver/Rider Gear – All drivers, riders, and instructors must wear helmets, long pants and closed toe shoes. SA-2010 or newer helmets must be worn by all drivers and instructors in driver/riders on our road course. Full racing suits for required for bike riders, and recommended for competition cars. Arm restraints are recommended for open top competition cars.
  11. Electricity – Electricity is NOT available in the paddock.
  12. Fences – Fences and areas behind spectator fences are off limits to the public. At no time is anyone authorized to climb a fence or bypass a gate. Anyone who requires an exemption to this policy must be escorted by The Gauntlet Staff only. During track rentals and events, photographers may be authorized to be inside specified fenced areas at the sole discretion of The Gauntlet. At no time is any photographer allowed to cross any track surface. Failure to follow these rules by any photographer will result in loss of photography privileges.
  13. Fuel – On-site fuel is not currently available.
  14. Firearms – Firearms are only allowed in combination with a legitimate concealed weapons permit and may not be brandished.
  15. Fireworks – Fireworks are prohibited.
  16. Gate Hours – Access to The Gauntlet is currently generally open from 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM unless otherwise noted for the specific event you are attending. Trailers will not be allowed into the paddock after 5:00 PM on the day before your Event.
  17. Glass – Glass containers are prohibited.
  18. Kick Stands – Kick Stands must be removed before motorcycles will be allowed to enter the track. Any damage to the track from kickstands will be charged to the rider.
  19. Music – Please do not play loud music. Be considerate of your neighbors.
  20. Passengers – Passengers are not permitted in any road course car or on any bike, ATV or UTV, without the express permission of The Gauntlet.
  21. Pavement – Anything that may leave an imprint in any paved surface, such as jacks, jack stands, trailer jacks and feet, motorcycle stands and motorcycle kickstands must be supported by wood blocks to keep from damaging the paved surface. No one may park or jack a car on a fire lane or access road.
  22. Pets – The Gauntlet discourages bringing pets to the track. Pets will be allowed if they are leashed and cleaned up after. Otherwise, The Gauntlet reserves the right to ask anyone with unleashed and/or unruly pets to leave. Pets are never allowed onto False Grid or into any designated hot areas. Pets are also not allowed in any of The Gauntlet’s buildings or concession areas unless they are service animals.
  23. Photography – Non-commercial photography is allowed. If there is a Private Test, all photography rights are suspended unless you have received written permission from The Gauntlet and the facility renter. If a member of the media or a professional photographer needs photography credentials, contact The Gauntlet for information on requesting media and photographer credentials.
  24. Race Circuit Hours – The paved race tracks are closed to motorized traffic daily from 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM unless otherwise noted.
  25. Recording Equipment – Cameras, video cameras, cell phones and any other recording equipment may never be hand operated by any driver or rider in any vehicle. Should you use internally or externally attached recording equipment and should such equipment become detached and/or fall off of your vehicle, you may not stop on course to retrieve your equipment. The Gauntlet shall not be responsible for lost or damaged recording equipment.
  26. Right of Way – Drivers of any non-racing vehicle will yield the right of way to any Race Vehicle at all times.
  27. Shipments – The person sending packages to The Gauntlet shall at all times be solely responsible for shipments to The Gauntlet, even when packages are signed for by a member of The Gauntlet’s staff. At no time will The Gauntlet reimburse or replace any items shipped to The Gauntlet that are misplaced.
  28. Smoking – The Gauntlet is a non-smoking facility, however smoking is permitted outside of the course gates.
  29. Spectators – Spectators are welcome and encouraged, however they are not allowed in designated ‘HOT’ areas.
  30. Speed Limit – Our pit, paddock, and access road speed limit is 10 mph at all times.
  31. Spills – FUEL, OIL COOLANT AND SIMILAR SPILLS ON ASPHALT MUST BE CLEANED IMMEDIATELY. If you do not have cleanup materials, please see The Gauntlet staff member for assistance.
  32. Stakes – Stakes for securing canopies may not be placed in any paved surfaces.
  33. Tow Eyes – It is strongly recommended (required for race cars) that all vehicles have at least two (2) easily accessible and usable tow eyes on the front and rear of the car. They must not protrude dangerously from the car, and they must be accessible without manipulation of the bodywork or panels. They should be strong enough to support the weight of the car. If no tow eyes are available, the towing crew will hook onto other areas that may cause damage to the car. The Gauntlet shall not be held responsible for any damage caused while towing any car.
  34. Trailer Drops – Trailer drops are typically allowed only for registered event participants from 5:00PM TO 6:00PM, but there are occasions when this is not possible due to track activity taking place on the desired trailer drop day. It is the Renter’s responsibility to inform their participants of these restrictions. Participants may not be admitted access to the facility if they arrive early, and no trailer drops will be allowed on rented events until a representative from the group renting the facility is present.
  35. Valuables – The Gauntlet will not be held responsible for your valuables at any time. Please lock valuables in your vehicle or leave them at home.
  36. Vendors – Any Track Vendors, including photographers, must contact The Gauntlet at least 2 weeks before an event to arrange a vendor. The Gauntlet reserves the right to charge a vendor fee.
  37. Waivers – Our liability release & waiver must be signed by everyone entering the facility. Parents of children under the age of 18 must sign a parental release and waiver. Guests may be required to wear an armband showing that they have signed a waiver, and if so required, the armband MUST be around the left or right wrist.

If you have any questions about any rule or policy, contact us.

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